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Which Mask Are You Wearing?

Happy Halloween! While I have pumpkins in my entry way and will take the child out for treat-or-treating, I can’t say I’m a person who’s really into Halloween. There are some who goes “all out” for this holiday. However, coming up on Halloween made me think about masks and the ones we wear daily – and we all wear them. I don’t mean to imply that we are not always attempting to be our authentic selves, but there are definitely times when I feel like I’m wearing a mask – especially at work.

I don’t think that in wearing a mask, you’re completely inauthentic or fake. However, I do feel that when you don’t work for yourself and are representing someone else’s brand/image/product, you are wearing a mask of sorts. Also, let’s face it, these masks are often required if we want to sustain our livelihood. For many people, donning this mask is why they often branch out on their own and do things such as consult, open their own business or switch professions altogether.

Wearing a mask at work may simply involve selling a product that you don’t believe in, or the more extreme, not being able to be who you truly are. Some people are closeted at work or, some individuals feel that they cannot celebrate their cultural heritage and identity at work. These are more extreme cases of mask wearing, but you would be surprised how many people are wearing such a disguise.

In honor of Halloween (or maybe reverse Halloween ☺), I’d like to recommend that we take the masks off! Can you imagine how awesome our work environment would be if instead of wearing the masks we think are required, we were our true selves? What a culture of diversity and truthfulness it could bring?!

Are you wearing a mask? What mask are you putting on each day? What’s your scariest professional story? Feel free to share in the comment below!


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Allow me to re-introduce myself (Updated)

I originally created this blog in the summer of 2013.  Unfortunately, work became crazy and life took over. However, I am no longer preoccupied and I am back in the blogging business.

This blog was created with my family and friends in mind.  Every few weeks I get a call from a friend or family member asking an HR question or a request to review a resume (alliteration not unintentional :-)). Honestly, I love it! So why not have a forum where people can ask questions and everyone can benefit from the exchange of HR thoughts and advice (not just mine). Therefore, I decided to blog about career and HR happenings, along with HR related advice – solicited, of course.

So here it is. Feel free to comment, browse, share, ask a question, or simply follow my musings (mostly HR related). Welcome to the HR Trendster!