Freedom Friday: Where’s your Gold?

Happy Friday! What better way to end the week than with a little non-HR related post (we can’t be all HR all of the time). Today’s post is completely off topic. In fact, each Friday, I’ll break away, and we will have a little Freedom Friday.

Like the rest of the world, I have spent the past two weeks in awe of the world’s greatest athletes. I am not a huge sports fan. I will watch a Sunday football game now and then (not the during the week Monday/Thursday games). And of course, I watched the Beyoncé concert this past February when she allowed two football teams (Panthers and Broncos) to open and close the show ☺. However, the Olympics are different; they’re special.

I, like many others, am partial to the Women’s Gymnastics portion. I love it! Every time one of those young ladies hits the floor, my heart beats like I am up for a medal. Since I am a native Marylander, and a fan of super athletes, I’ve also been obsessed with Michael Phelps and Katy Ledecky’s swimming performances. Also, don’t get me started with this year’s Track and Field Events. When the U.S. Women’s Relay team dropped the baton during the qualifying race, my heart fell onto the floor. Track and Field overall has me more pumped than usual. Usain Bolt. Enough said.

It started me thinking, where’s my gold medal? Of course not my literal medal, but at least a gold star or something. Let’s be clear; I’m no athlete – unless you count the Elliptical – I’m like this lady on the elliptical, lol. As I was saying, it started me thinking of what types of activities could I compete in where I could earn a medal? No one is great at everything; however, I do pride myself on a few outstanding accomplishments each day. I present to you my Top 3 Gold medal events…

1) The DODGE – The amount of people I manage to be pleasant to before obtaining my morning latte. I seriously feel like I’m running hurdles and dodging balls trying to get to the first sip before the next person who speaks feels the entire wrath of my commute.
2) The COMMUTE – Speaking of commuting, I definitely deserve a Gold medal for making it around the beltway without honking my horn, cursing someone out, or giving any hand gestures. It is a real talent, and if you have ever been on I-495 circling Washington, DC, you will appreciate what an accomplishment this is.
3) TARGETING – Finally, and I have little competition in this event. Going to Target with a list of 3 items and coming out with 37 additional things. Just call me the Simone Biles of extra spending at Target.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, my top three gold medal events! What daily activities would earn you a gold medal? I cannot wait to hear them all!


2 thoughts on “Freedom Friday: Where’s your Gold?

  1. LOL! Awesome events for winning your gold medals! I’m with you on Targeting… that place is my weakness. The only thing that stops me from spending is not having the money TO spend. 🙂

    When I was working, I’d have definitely won the gold for dealing with NYC transit system, so I’m right there with you on The Commute. Now that I’m a SAHM, I think I’d win the gold in the 5-Minute Spruce-Up, The Multi-Task Dash and… Patience. LOL!


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